Something Real

We went for lunch to one of our favourite restaurants in Darjeeling during our break earlier this year in July, and as we were enjoying the excitement of being home and remembering sights and scenes that were familiar, I got a little carried away and started to take photos of the flowers that were decorating the restaurant. Yes, really.

It was a pleasant, should I say, shock, to suddenly discover that what I had thought were very well made plastic flowers, were in fact, absolutely real. Very different to the leaf design in the coffee above! And then I remembered that I had hardly seen real flowers in hotels or restaurants in Delhi.


Real flowers in a restaurant!

This made me think.

How terrible it would be if in my service as a teacher, I gave my students ‘plastic flowers’ in the guise of real ones… If I took shortcuts in my work; if my students weren’t important enough for me to give them the real thing…

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion, being real and having vision, and what these mean for our professions, vocations, occupations and personal lives, and what our journeys and stories would be like.

More about this later…


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