Stories and Scripts

I’m not much of a social networker, and am still not on Facebook amazingly. However, many months ago my curiosity was piqued by a dear friend, Andi Eicher, who is really more a brother of mine, and I decided to visit his blog ‘Chai Chats with the Eichers’.

And stayed.

All because of the power of his story and the Greater Story within. Andi and his wife Sheba have worked with HIV patients in some of the hardest situations I can think of for many years, and in many ways, their stories carry the same elements of teachers’ stories.

I’ve been a teacher now for about 22 years, and sharing these teacher years with my wife Lydia who joined this great journey 6 years ago as a teacher, but as my wife 16 years ago (I guess you can work out the math), there are stories and stories that we have to share; of joy, of excitement, of pain, of power, of wonder, of the great faithfulness of God, who has been a loving Father beyond expectation and of His work in our lives and the lives of others. It’s my hope that our stories will inspire you in your journey and hopefully bring encouragement, and perhaps some comfort.

A few days ago I was journaling and I wrote:

There is no story of real life that is not worth hearing, though it contain terrible pain or benumbing futility. It’s important that our stories are shared, and to have stories to share, it seems that the more we engage, the more proactively we deal with, the more real our stories are, the more power they contain.

And so the assault…

It seems that there is a raging battle, an ongoing onslaught to wean us away from living from the heart, from being moved; towards living from the head with hidden, numb hearts, towards schedules, programmes, activities, where stories cease to be such and become scripts.

And what sense is there in people, in their brokenness and joys, sharing scripts?

Stories, like food and journeys, are meant to be shared!


Sharing a fantastic meal up in Darjeeling!



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