Amazing Grace

Dad had not been passing much urine and with the history of his kidney condition and the increased swelling of his feet, I had been apprehensive of what was going on in his system. About 2 months ago he’d had a low platelet count, relapsed infection in his kidney, highish urea and creatinine, blood and numerous WBCs in his urine, low Haemoglobin and RBC count, and on top of all that, since he completed his last antibiotic course, he’d completely lost the desire for food and was starting to eat next to nothing. Then he suddenly wasn’t passing much urine at all.

Many people who know, love and respect him have been praying. Today when I got the blood and urine tests done, I wasn’t sure what the readings would show.

And then the shock! For the first time in years, the routine urine test has come out normal. With mounting excitement, I looked at the blood reports, and saw that his platelet count is adequate, and most of his critical readings are normal, except for a highish creatinine and a lowered Haemoglobin. I had told two friends in the last couple of days that if his test results came out normal, it would be a miracle. And that’s what I saw today. Of course, I will get medical advice regarding the creatinine and take necessary steps, but it’s more than obvious that God has heard and answered prayer.

And, because he’s over 90 years old and very frail, each day that he successfully lives through is a gift of God’s grace and mercy to him and to us as well. But what an answer – the unheard of normal urine report! Many times as we’ve looked after him, as many old people understandably are, he’s been fretful and anxious, and has often resisted our efforts to stabilize his health, but I’m so glad that we persisted and asked God to intervene. He was very happy to hear about his results. And what a parable of God’s amazing grace towards us when we fret and are anxious, and resist His efforts to stabilize our lives, but the overwhelming love of God the Father of all persists with us and intervenes, and in the end what joy there is in His presence and redemption.

I still don’t know how many days dad and mom have with us on this earth, and we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but the joy of today is enough, and seeing the handiwork of Christ’s grace and favour in their lives through their choice to believe in and follow Him, we can rest assured of the future, just like He speaks through the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible in chapter 29, verse 11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord,’ Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.’



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