Limned in Light

Some time back I’d made a post called Salt and Light, and when a few days after that, a friend of ours shared thoughts in church about what it meant being the light of the world, of course, I didn’t believe it was a coincidence. She said that it wasn’t enough to just know what light is, but that it was even more important to know what the nature of light is, and to inculcate those qualities in our lives.

Going through old photos I’ve taken, mulling over stories, truths and perspectives, I thought I would share some of these beautiful moments caught in time by a simple camera. None of these photos would have any beauty without light. The light reflects off, refracts, passes into and sometimes through, and limns in ways that always take my breath away. Most of the photos are from our week-long retreat in the mountains, taken in and around the house of friends who are closer than family, and a few are from about three years ago; some taken in the same place.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, light brings beauty out of, gives glory to, and reveals the best in things, often a beauty and glory they wouldn’t have had without the light.

The same crystal piece caught the light in extraordinary ways.

As a teacher, this is something I try and aspire to (often with many struggles and failings); to see the best in people and to try and bring it out. I’ve known people who are gifted in this, but have lately come to realise that they are all ordinary people like me who have made choices to think and look at things in a certain way, until it has become a habit. This gives a lot of hope to strugglers like me, and I can make room for God to work in my heart knowing that when He is about His work fashioning something, it is always going to take the breath away. He has a way of shining His light in and through us that brings the best out in us, if we would have it.



Neon Tetras I had about three years ago – fragile, delicate and amazing.

The play of light on candle and cane.

Glow of night lamp.

Light without and light within.

Fire and smoke.

Light, shadow and polish.

In this post I wanted to catch the play of light indoors; to capture something of the feeling of home and hearth, but the feast of light on leaf, tree, forest and flower, I’ll keep for the next post!

Till then I hope these photos keep dreams of better things alive, and may the light of God limn you in ways beyond your imagining, and may you find your real beauty in Him; beauty that the world can neither give nor take away.

It’s not coincidence that you visited this page.


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