Big and Bright Love

Today is Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never connected with it, probably because of all the hype and commercialization associated with it. However, this time I decided to think about love and the perfect song-poem came back to mind. One that I’ve waited for the right time to share, which has been the story of my life and the big, bright Love that calls this wreck precious. It’s not my poem. It’s by one of my favourite poets, Stevenson Stockman, and this is from the album Gracenotes that he and Samuel Hill made together.

So without much further ado, here’s the track. The song ‘Soaked in a Dearer Wine’ leads directly into the poem ‘Beyond, In The Midst’. I hope this blesses and encourages you if you find yourself to be as broken as I have been, to seek and find this wonderful Jesus, who though being the King of the universe, loved us broken, traitorous, confused and rebellious people enough to die for us and take all of our shame upon Himself, in exchange for life and freedom.

I couldn’t find the lyrics to Soaked in a Dearer Wine, but the words are clear and you can follow along.

Beyond me
Beyond my comprehension
Beyond my understanding
Beyond me definitions
Beyond my highest efforts
Beyond my lowest fall
Beyond my morality
Beyond my most penitent call.

In the midst of me
In the midst of my tears
In the midst of my frailties
In the midst of my fears
In the midst of my cheers
In the midst of my sighs
In the midst of my sinfulness
In the midst of my lies.

Dying for me
Dying for my masks of fake
Dying for the distorted opinions
Dying for the promises I break
Dying for the words carelessly thrown
Dying for murderous thoughts within
Dying for my adulterous looks of lust
Dying for my sin.

In the midst you reach out
In the midst you offer grace
In the midst you throw your arms around me
In the midst you kiss my dirty face
In the midst you touch my soul
In the midst you cast your smile
In the midst you love this vagabond
In the midst you call me your child.


Out of Ashes – This painting I had done some years back, embodies the story of God’s love in my life.


Lying Fallow

My family has moved into a new season of spending time together and praying. It’s been changing the way we relate to each other and to people as well, and it’s been, well, quite wonderful really.

However, the result has been reprioritizing what we do when we come back from work, and making and protecting the time we spend together. We’ve also been trying to regain our flagging energy levels by sleeping earlier. This has meant that the blog has had to shift lower in priority, and long gaps are developing in writing posts.

However, this has also meant I have more time to visit other blogs as reading takes less time than writing and constructing a post. The result of this season of more reading and visiting other blogs, has resulted in more interaction and input, and that’s quite wonderful too. What an amazing community is out there, and what a richness of interaction and sharing!


Time to breathe.

Just yesterday, while walking home with my daughter after picking her up after her sleepover at her friend’s, I asked her how she had spent her time there, and she quipped, ‘Oh, we managed to waste time quite effectively.’ and that little comment stuck in my mind. Since we came back from our winter break, I’ve been able to do little writing, but it’s been quite an amazing learning season, and the lack of writing, though sometimes feeling like a waste of time, may really be the most effective thing in this season of my family’s life. Like land lying fallow, it gives me the time to breathe in and receive what God is teaching, showing and preparing in this season. I’m beginning to feel that this may be the time to ‘waste’ effectively, so that when its season comes around again to bear crop, it may be ready to do so and be doubly fruitful.


There’s a time for everything, and a season for all things under the sun.

I have many posts on the anvil, but I haven’t felt the release to write and upload them. I think it’s just as well. The blog shouldn’t drive me. It’s my tool to communicate what is on my heart to write about, and without the attendant reflection and ‘listening’ that goes with each post to what God is teaching in each time, it would very soon turn into my own effort to build my own kingdom. This is why I’ve never sought to make the blog more ‘known’ or ‘successful’, and each person it impacts is a source of constant wonder and thanks for me.

I don’t think I would like to lose that sense of wonder and thankfulness.

I really appreciate every one of you who reads, follows or even visits my blog, and I sincerely hope that what I write will continue to bring life, hope, encouragement and fellowship to anyone who reads. I trust that God, who is the best teacher I have ever had, will bring precious insights and valuable lessons out of this season of ‘lying fallow’.