Precious, Precious

Today, my wife Lydia and daughter Hannah went to stay overnight at my brother-in-law’s to meet and spend time with one of my wife’s cousins, who had a few hours left before he left Delhi to go back home. Lydia talked a lot about how kind he had been to her when she was a child and how he would always make sure to bring something for her when he was passing through.

Although I don’t know him in the same way as Lydia does, I’ve experienced his kindness when he took and repaired my 22 year old guitar in a way that I’ve never known even a high-end shop to do. And he refused to take money for it either! He’s always been friendly and gracious whenever I’ve met him, and that stands out more than his extraordinary talent with his hands that I’ve both heard about and seen.

He’s a precious man with a long history, but much, much grace of God in his life. My wife recognizes preciousness much better than I do, and I’ve learnt and am learning so much from her. I don’t know what I would do without her. Now, with both my wife and daughter out, my house is like a tomb, and I miss them. Come on get real, it’s only a few hours. Well, I still miss them. They’re precious, very precious to me, and their absence shows me what life could be without them, and what great value they add to my life.

Family Hug

Lydia and Hannah, my precious, precious two!

In my last post Storing up TreasureI was reflecting on what was precious to me, and it seems right to continue dwelling on this theme for a while. I want to share a song that has spoken to me many times, and is one of my favourites. It’s by Crosby, Stills and Nash, and in a simple way, brings out what is precious in relationships. It’s called You are Alive. I hope you enjoy and are blessed by it as much as I’ve always been.

You Are Alive – Crosby, Stills and Nash

When you know there’s someone you can talk to
And she’s waiting by the door when you get home
With her hand she’ll caress away your worries
You are alive
I hope you know
That you’re alive
When you’re waiting for her standing by the doorway
And your heart is laughing as she turns the key
Here it comes again always the same feeling
You are alive
And so is she
Do you know what life would be without her?
Do you know what loneliness can be?
You’ll die by yourself only with someone else, why?

When it’s all a game and there is no pleasure
And you’re just like all the rest cannot see
And you’re feeling like there’s no more point in searching
Are you alive?
How could it be
Are you alive?
I’d like to see
If you’re alive


3 thoughts on “Precious, Precious

  1. Precious is the only way to describe the united family which grows and leans on each other for support, encouragement, and love. And, I believe that we could include the life in Christ as being precious, indeed we are so precious to our God that Christ died so that we could be with Him forever. I loved the post and I thank you for your visit to The Ruminant Scribe. Blessings to you today.

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    • It’s Brandon Adams really, who’s been the catalyst. You were on a list of recommended blogs on a post of his, and since I like his posts very much and trust his opinions, I was blessed to visit. However, I’ll visit all over this week, and select those that I’d like to follow over the weekend.

      I really appreciated the parables you write, and sharing so many of your viewpoints, it was easy to resonate with what the Spirit of God was nudging you to write.

      I’m going to be on the ‘precious’ topic for a while, and have other posts based on sights in the city which I’ve photographed and which form the basis of my own parables, so appreciate your comment on how precious we are to Jesus. Isn’t that so true? What would we ever do without Him?

      Many blessings and regards to you and your family,

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