Leaking of Life

Well, the trips to the clinic are over for now. Dad is now at home and doing much better.

To fill in a few details, he had deteriorated over the last few weeks, due to both the Delhi heat as well as a relapse of the kidney infection that cycles due to his long standing condition of the last 20 years since his major operation in 1997. This time, he was unable to get up from the bed, had a discrepant blood pressure and a pulse of 113, and was running a rising fever that was touching close to 104 F.

Dr. Babitha Kallimel from the Dayspring Clinic in the Chhatarpur area of New Delhi had grace from God to suggest a line of treatment that has caused a turn around of his condition over this week. With prayer and the injections administered by my pastor’s wife who’s a nurse, his rapid deterioration halted and over the next couple of days of taking him to the clinic for intravenous fluid and antibiotic adminstration, his vitals came back to normal, and he has been continually improving. Administering geriatric treatment is not always easy, especially for a 92 year old man with a chronic kidney condition that should have killed him two decades ago, but although we were ready for any eventuality, against all odds his condition has turned, giving my family the much needed breathing space to end a school year, and me to start the 5 week intensive TESOL certification course as part of my own professional development, the day after tomorrow, with a free mind.

Yesterday, I bathed and shaved him, and it was a great relief to see how nice he looked and how relieved my mom seemed to see him do better, and of course, my dad who used to be particular and conscientious about his personal habits till he got too old to manage himself easily, enjoyed the bath. My mom’s strength and faithfulness through almost 50 years with Dad is another story I’ll write about in due course.

Thatha Pati 19 May 2017

Mom and Dad – Dad looking decent after I bathed and shaved him yesterday!

However, the last two days we had a return of concern with what seemed to be an increasing amount of blood that was being discharged with his urine. Yesterday, the urine was entirely red, and on medical advice, I kept ready the injections to administer in case it did not stop by today. Last night, to confirm a suspicion I had been having,  kept the pomegranate out of the evening blend that my wife Lydia prepared for him. Today there was hardly any blood loss and the colour was what we would have expected. It looks like the pomegranate had aggravated the colour that almost freaked us out, since we had been giving him that in his blend for the last few days!

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking about blood, and how concerned we were that it was leaking out. To me it really felt as if my dad’s life were leaking out with the urine. Many cultures look at blood as the carrier of life, and virtually synonymise blood with life. And of course, our concern was because Dad’s life is precious to us, and we didn’t want it leaking out.

But really, ALL life is precious, not just because God created it, but also because of what cost God has redeemed it with.

And there are many things besides sickness, accidents and circumstance that cause it to leak out, oftentimes self inflicted damage, destructive lifestyles and habits; the more so, the more ‘advanced’ we seem to become. It’s an age of lawlessness, confusion and division, with families increasingly breaking down at their core, and more and more people living without vision, direction or an understanding of right and wrong; where so much is being driven by a ‘look good-feel good’ mentality, and the dangerous urban motto of ‘Work hard, party harder.’

LIFE is very, very precious, and will not come back once it’s gone. Let’s keep it, protect it, encourage it, cultivate it, guide it in ways that will cause it to be fruitful and esteem it. Not just ours, but others’ as well, because everyone is given someone who is influenced by them. One blog that resounds with this great story of Hope is Beauty Beyond Bones and it’s very well worth visiting and reading what Caralyn has written.

While there is Life, there is hope for change, as so many including myself will testify, and nothing is impossible for God to redeem.

That’s how much we are loved.


2 thoughts on “Leaking of Life

  1. Life is a gift ! I returned from working many years overseas (the Middle East & Africa) to take care of my bedfast quadriplegic Papa & wheelchair riding Mama. After 8 years of caregiving my Papa & another year with just Mama, they have both gone to rest in the Everlasting Arms of God. I miss them so much (all the time) but treasure the memories we have together. Even when it became more & more difficult – God turned up in amazing ways with extra grace, peace & patience & HELP. God will do the same for you! Blessings on the journey… Virginia

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